Hello, I'm Pistasj!

I like messing around with computers.


I am a 15 year old developer and sysadmin from Norway.

I enjoy metal/rock music, sometimes taking pictures and cats.

I can accept donations in Monero or Bitcoin.


My Monero address is: 45wYu3oEAhu7s9aodftL2iBztYCdKzTZ4gaTRXGRRsN8cfVbdDMrVCEDmUczBiosE3ESVtyRKodXKgcTThyNsF2XGJvee5V

You can also put "pistasjis.net" in your Monero client if it supports OpenAlias.

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My Bitcoin address is: bc1qsk2ntfzvl4zfkrfkmqp65w0q9xn9v09xvfezz7

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Thank you for your support!

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